Strength Training

Strength vs. Speed. Kick Higher. Kick Further.


Force = Mass x Acceleration

One of the most frequent concerns expressed by kickers and punters is how they can increase the height and distance on their ball. While some of it has to do with raw talent and body size, there is still a significant amount that can be done in the weight room that will get us closer to our goals. There are an infinite number of different workout routines that can be formulated to increase both our leg strength (mass) and leg speed (acceleration). My goal here is to provide you with the exercises and tools to build a workout routine that works for you.

Below we will list some great workouts that effectively increase leg strength and leg speed. It is important that we incorporate an explosive, plyometric routine in addition to the heavy lifting that we do with our team. Kickers, punters, and long-snappers are ATHLETES, so we must train like athletes. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. The weight room is not only a place where you will get stronger, but also where you will prove yourself to the rest of your team.

Every athlete is unique and is subject to different lifting routines. Therefore, pick and choose workouts from below and customize a workout that works for you. Be sure to always practice good form and be properly warm before starting.

Strength vs. Speed

Strength Training

Strength Training Examples

Speed Training

Speed Training Examples